Example Reports

Kingdom Ladder Status

A report to generate the ladder status for the players within a specific Kingdom.

Upcoming Events

List all upcoming events in Amtgard

About to Level

List of players in a park about to level a class

mORK QR Code Generator

Look up and generate a player card with QR Code

Top 10 Park Averages

Generate the top 10 Parks by weekly averages

Where do you play?

Year report on where your credits came from

Nine Blades Voting

Who can vote in a Nine Blades Park?

Viridian Outlands Voting

Who can vote in a Viridian Outlands Park?

All Kingdom/Principality Officers

List all the officers within a Kingdom or Principality

Kingdom Titles

List all the players and their titles within a Kingdom or Principality

Recent Awards

Show recent awards within 8 months in a park