Northreach Voting

This report will generate a list of players within a Northreach park that can vote. A player must be waivered (2.1.1.d), be dues paid (A.2.2.a), have attended 12 different days (Saturdays/Sundays only) in the last 180 days at any event or park day within Northreach (A.2.2.b), and be at least 14 years of age (2.2.1.d) NOTE: The ORK does not track age so this needs to be done manually. If a player is Not marked as a valid voter, see the highlighted red areas for why.
If a player is not seen here that you think should be, check the Active but Retired report.

The whole list is provided here and you can use the CSV export to copy the results to a spreadsheet. This CVS file shows the attendance dates.
Choose the date from which to look back 180 days. Dues and Waiver status reflect only the current values.

Choose the End date of the 180 day window (defaults to today)