Polaris Voting

This report will generate a list of players within a Polaris park that can vote because they meet Citizenship requirements (sometimes called Member in Good Standing or MiGS).

  • Must be at least 14 years old ( but the ORK does not track age so you have to do this manually
  • Must be dues paid (
  • Must sign a waiver with their Chapter and/or the Kingdom (
  • Have attended 6 different weeks in the last 6 months within the Kingdom (
  • Be an attending member of their home chapter for at least six months (
  • Not be suspended (2.5.3)
Only players that have taken at least 1 credit in the last 6 months are shown. If a player is Not marked as a valid voter, see the highlighted red areas for why. This report uses the Active player list from the ORK. If a player should be showing up here, check the Active but Marked Retired report for your park.
The whole list is provided here but the CSV export provides the week numbers that a person has attended for verification. Choose the date from which to look back six months. Dues and Waiver status reflect only the current values. Weeks for Polaris start on Sunday and end on Saturday. The start is adjusted to include the whole week.

Choose the End date of the six month window (defaults to today)