The Orion Project

A brief walkthrough in 5 minutes

Ignite LocationTech Boston - March 25, 2013

Ken Walker / @kwalker / kenwalker on GitHub
Orion Lead and Orion Dev Lead at IBM Canada
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What is the purpose of Orion?

Open Source Platform for Cloud Based Development

All open source
At Eclipse and mirrored at GitHub
Orion Wiki Page

Focus on...

  • Embracing modern browser capabilities
  • A platform that’s extensible
  • Components that are consumable
  • Cross-site workflows & integration
  • A tool suite that does what is needed

Orion Pages and Plugins

  • Orion provides many pages by default
  • Provides necessary functionality for developers
  • Go from creating, editing, self hosting to deployment and source code control
  • Extensibility is what sets Orion apart

How we achieve plugability

A JSBeautify Orion Plugin

example snippets of Orion parts

// plugin.html has:
	<script type="text/javascript" src="plugin.js"></script>
	<script type="text/javascript" src="jsbeautify.js"></script>
// jsbeautify.js has:
provider.registerServiceProvider(["orion.edit.command", ""], {
	updated: function(properties) {
	run: function(selectedText, text, selection) {
		var toFormat;
		var selectionEmpty = selection.start === selection.end;
		if (selectionEmpty) {
			toFormat = text;

What's your point, Ken?

Plugins can extend the functionality of Orion in the Browser dynamically, without any Server side changes. The plugins themselves can come from any site, not just the server Orion is hosted from.

Put it all together...

All the HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, plugins...

You get a development platform

Orion Navigator

Orion Editor

Orion Git Repositories

Orion Git Status with Compare

Works on mobile tablets

While Orion works on phones it is better suited to tablets. Adding a bluetooth keyboard is even better

iPad mini and a Nexus 7

Install your own Orion Server

Got Node.js?

npm install orion

edit orion.conf to set a workspace directory


Orion shell commands available for Node and npm

You can consume Orion too

Many components of Orion are meant to be individually consumable

Leverage our work for your project and if you have suggestions or changes, contribute them back.

Orion Deferred, Orion HTML Templates Shim, Orion URI Templates, Orion URL Shim, Orion Plugin Registry, Orion Service Registry, Orion XHR Implementation, Orion Node Deferred File System

Minified Client Side Editor - Just the editor

function Deferred() {
	var result, state, listeners = [],
		_this = this;

	function notify() {
		var listener;
		while ((listener = listeners.shift())) {
			var deferred = listener.deferred;
			var methodName = state === "resolved" ? "resolve" : "reject"; //$NON-NLS-0$ //$NON-NLS-1$ //$NON-NLS-2$
			if (typeof listener[methodName] === "function") { //$NON-NLS-0$
				try {
					var listenerResult = listener[methodName](result);
					if (listenerResult && typeof listenerResult.then === "function") { //$NON-NLS-0$
						deferred.cancel = listenerResult.cancel || noop;
						listenerResult.then(noReturn(deferred.resolve), noReturn(deferred.reject), deferred.progress);
					} else {
				} catch (e) {
			} else {
If you want to generate a Snippet of code
for a Blog or Web Post
Check out the Snippet Orion Plugin

Client side compare

Complete JavaScript client side compare both inline and unified views.


Orion is developed by contributors from IBM, VMWare, Mozilla, Google, HP, individuals (students), YOU!

What can we do this year?

IBM Research and University Collaboration on Content Assist, OSLC integations, Server Extensions for CloudFoundry VMC, We need more deployment plugins

Warsaw University project on a JSGit implementation for Node.js, Accessibility, Translations and NLS, File System plugins (Chrome, HTML5, WebDav, S3, etc.)

Embedded development using Orion on Node (Lua, Node, Scripting) - the Orion Shell is extensible

Find out more

Read our blog at Planet Orion

Check out the Orion BUZZ

Lots of information in the Orion Wiki

Follow Orion on Twitter

Create an account and try it at OrionHub

Ken Walker / @kwalker / kenwalker on GitHub
Orion Lead and Orion Dev Lead at IBM Canada
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