Eclipse Members Meeting

Orion Project Update

Sept 17, 2013 / @kwalker / @orionhub - Orion Project Lead

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Project Activity

  • Almost 1 year since graduating to 1.0
  • Orion delivers 3 'dot' releases per-year
  • 2.0 Feb, 3.0 June, 4.0 October
  • 27 committers, around 17 active
  • ~52 contributors
  • Very active commits (Ohloh Statistics)

Examples of Enhancements thru 3.0

  • Continual work on Editor
    • separate stand alone builds
      Yes, this is the Orion editor
      in a presentation...
    • (vi/emacs bindings)
    • Auto-save, Auto-load, Save as Diffs
    • Generic template for content assist support
  • Themes in UI and Editor
  • Language tooling for JavaScript
  • Major change is Navigation on Left added to Editor
  • i18N improvements, including Eclipse Babel translations

Examples of Enhancements thru 3.0...

  • Node.js implementation
    • npm install orion
    • npm start orion
  • New WAR file install for Java Server
  • Maven/Tycho build (still in progress)

Work ongoing in 4.0

  • Server Scalability
    • Search indexing improvements
    • Meta-Data and Workspace info rewrite
  • Index file content assist support for JavaScript libraries (targetting Node development)
  • Git improvements including Git Blame in the Editor
  • Major improvements to Orion plugin architecture to allow 2-way communications
  • Initial work on an Orion Marketplace, or Plugin repository
  • Initial release of Projects capability...

Projects List

Projects Page

An Individual Project

Individual Project Page

Orion Challenges

  • Consuming 3rd party JavaScript Libraries
  • This is the only way that Orion can remain current with the rapid development cycles in the JavaScript world
  • If we lag, those looking to choose a platform or component will look elsewhere
  • Current process as we understand assumes
    • A 'version' of the library (not often available)
    • A compatible license (getting better)
    • a contributor agreement (Not so much)
  • While GitHub has initiated a license Chooser, the concept of contributor agreements is not standard
  • Is there a minimum template we can encourage library/tool developers to utilize which will be compatible with the Eclipse Legal Review process? Do we initiate change in the review process?

Eclipse Members Meeting - Orion Update

Any further questions, please contact: | @kwalker

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